I'm afraid my dogs may get into the coop -- electric fence?

Happy Hens 5

9 Years
Apr 19, 2010
Klamath Falls, Oregon
I have two young dogs (Standard Poodle and German Shepherd Dog) with quite a bit of prey drive and I'm worried they may get in the coop.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Chicken electric fence to keep the dogs away from the coop?

I'm sure electric fence would work. We have used it to keep our dogs from the garden and it only took one touch and they never went near it again (and they did not get hurt just stunned, I know 'cause I've run into it myself before and it gets your attention

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Hi! It has worked at our place to keep stray dogs, coyotes and foxes out...I have seen the prints. And Paddock36 is right, it will surely get your attention! Good luck!
They work very well. My dogs will not even venture near the fence. If I am moving my fences around the dogs need to be put inside because they freak out at the sight of me touching the fence. I think they want to protect me, but are too frightened of the fence, so it makes them crazy.

Good luck.

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