I'm at a loss, please help my hen


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May 7, 2015
I found my hen on the floor of the hen house. I have brought her inside and its like she has no use of her legs. I bathed her and didn't see any mites or creepy crawlers on her. She will drink when I hold the water to her but it seems her coordination is a little off as well. I am giving her a vitamin treated water and I have been blending chick starter in yogurt but she is not showing much interest in that. She is at least 4 years old (I rescued her) and she is a red star. She is so weak and thin. I have checked her but cannot find where she is egg bound. Whitish poop with a lot clear fluid (I am thinking its from all the water and no food). I do not have a vet nearby that handles poultry. Please I want to help her so badly and have been nursing her (with hubby's help) round the clock for a few days now. All other chickens and roosters seem fine for now. Thanking you all in advance.
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Jul 13, 2016
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I'm sorry to here this, i don't know what this could be but carry on loving the baby......:(she may pull round, someone in here will come on here and tell you whats up with your baba! xxx :thumbsup Ive just remembered, sour crop? maybe, this is one illness I've heard of a lot....:hugsI pray she gets better soon....

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