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  1. I’ve actually been here since 8am, but I thought I’d just send a quick email—the houseboat vacation was okay. No hot water—which made showers not very fun. Other than that, it was pretty relaxing with very little drama. Which was nice.

    However, the drama occurred prior to me leaving, on Friday evening I noticed (my DH) Zach’s horse was away from the herd. It was near dark, so I waited until the next morning and went over to check him out.

    Having taken equine veterinary classes—I knew what I was looking at when I saw his ripped up leg.

    Apparently, Bart had gotten in a fight with some neighboring horses through a fence & was caught at some point, panicked and ripped up his leg. This horse was born out on the range & has lived all of his past 12 summers in that pasture, just fine.

    It was swollen to almost three times its normal size, packed with dirt and laid open. We had to lead him back home—where I called the vet. It was really bad.


    I managed to get it cleaned out & saw bone and tendons. He had opened up from the inside of his left knee down the back of his left leg to the hoof—in almost a spiral pattern. He had also clipped his superficial digital flexor tendon—so the tendon sheath was swollen. I knew we had to keep it clean & moist until the vet got there at 3:30pm so the meat wouldn’t die. We started at 9am—so it was a long day. The vet was able to get it stretched & stitched back together. He did an awesome job. Then, Bart was given a tetanus booster and penicillin (which he has to have a shot once per day) and he’s also on Bute (which is like horse aspirin).

    Needless to say, I have to leave work by 3:30pm on Friday to meet the vet at our house for Bart’s bandage change & check up. Judging by the smell & swelling, there will probably be draining involved. [​IMG]

    So I've been really busy--my last chick of the season hatched out on Sunday--another "Lemon Blue" cochin. This one is very blue with yellow legs & a reddish colored face/head. Appears to be a pullet. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    On another note--if you haven't PM'd me about any swaps I owe, please do so. I know I need to send out Brokedown's rose bushes--and I have another few bushes I need to dig up & send as well.

    Oh & I'm looking for a SF cockerel. I ended up with three pullets out of my hatch & my one roo I lost to the heat a couple of weeks ago...so I'm looking for one in Washington/Oregon or Idaho.

    Hope all is well with everyone.

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    I'm so sorry about your horse! That's awful.

    I had a drain in one of our dogs after he had a tumor removed. We were running a little ICU in the butler's pantry. What a smelly mess. I feel for you. :aww
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    Sorry to hear about your horse. The EXACT same thing happened to one of our young fillies, except she wasn't fighting, she was trying to jump or climb a fence like that and got her leg caught and ripped the skin to the bone from knee joint to hoof. This was over a year ago and she is still seeing the vet on a regular basis. It heeled all but a round spot about the size of your fist on the inside of her knee joint.. For some reason that part just wont heel. Dont know if she will ever be ridable, neither does the vet. Best of luck with you baby. What kind of horse is he? Ours is blonde chesnut Tennessee walker.
  4. Yeah...it's just part of having horses...even "bubble wrapped" ones in stalls can get hurt. Sighs. But he's a super-tough boy and was very tolerant of me cleaning out his wounds--especially after a little Bute and some grain. [​IMG] But it was a BIG reminder that everyone should have a vet kit of some sort on hand, at all times. Luckily, I had latex gloves, betadine, clean sponges & gauze, Bute, tweezers and vet wrap on hand. Now, I need to restock it.
  5. Quote:Is it right over the knee joint? [​IMG] Poor baby. Do you have any pics of it? Bart is an Appendix QH--grey & 16.2 hands. BIG boy. [​IMG]
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    Yikes!!!! I sure hope he heals well! Good luck!
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    Hope he gets better. One of mine cut to the bone on his back leg when a neighbor dog at the stable next door chased him through the fence at our last boarding stable [​IMG] It took forever to heal up. Poor baby. I had to cut the wire to get his leg out of it and wait over an hour for the vet to get there. He's fine now except for a scar you wouldn't know but I haven't started him under saddle yet so I am unsure if that will affect him or not. I'll keep hoping for Bart's speedy recovery.
  8. Thank you, Farmgirlie!
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    glad your back, sorry about your horse... by the way whoever won the soap contest?

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