Im back and I missed Backyard chickens so much =)


10 Years
Feb 21, 2009
Columbia river gorge
Hey everyone Im not shure who if anyone remmbers me I think I was last active in 2009 - 2010 . Dont remmber for shure actually. Health wise well Im actually worse then when I left but oddly enough you learn to cope with things over time. The tumer hasnt grown thank goodness but there has been some effect on my spnal cord so I have to cope with things like dizzy ness , light headed ness, numbness and tingleing in my extremeties , loss of senssation complelty in patches (its wierd how random it is) I also have a head ache all the time . not most the time but every single minute of every day , my DDD has gotten worse so I also have back pain constantly as well as issues with my knees shoulder and other joints due to arthrites and was recently Dignosed with Fybromyalgia those are jsut the things that slow me down the most that dosnt include the issues I have with hear rate and hight blood pressure and IBS and all that stuff . I left and pretty much gave up everything I loved it took me awhile and sevreal speicalsts in diffrent hospitals and cities to figure out that they cant do anything for me and I cant base my happyness on how much pain IM in or if I can be fixed. So this summer pain be damnd if I can get out of bed me and my son are going to do fun things we have eggs in the bator with more planned for as soon as these hatch Im already planning art classes with him and summer reading programs it might have took me 2 years or so to figure it out but you know what If you cant run walk if you cant walk crawl . I refuse to give in to my body I have a life to live and I will enjoy it . I am so glad to be back with you all

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