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8 Years
May 18, 2012
I have purchased 4 chicks for my son. I have been trying desperately to help him speak and with autism that he has It has been very hard. And when he showed a Liking in chickens , well as mom I bought them. I live in a very rural town of Pennsville nj and I don't know the zoning laws and actually I'm afraid if they say no. He has shown such interest and does so much with the chicks. I am doing research on how to care for them. But fear if the town says no. Can I keep them in a coop on the basement??? Worried
from washington state glad you joined us!
don't worry I can keep a secret! I won't tell!
. It would take a bit of effort but if need be I'm sure you could build them a coop in your basement. Many people have house chickens
I know many people who keep chickens even though they are not allowed to. I heard that the township doesn't care if you have chickens - as long as no one complains. The law is just there so they can do something about it if they need to. So try to keep quiet birds (they will most likely be the gentle ones - the kind you would want anyway) and no roosters. If you need to, I bet you can keep them in your basement, just give them plenty of room. Maybe bantams would also be a good idea, they are extremely friendly, I have had one that was more loyal than a dog and snuggled better than a cat. Of course, you already have chickens, so you might not wish for more.

Just a note: As the chicks turn into big chickens be careful - I have had chickens peck at my eyes before, once one of my hens even grabbed my eyelashes. My eyeball actually hurt slightly afterward, I think she barely touched it. Eyes are shiny, and chickens LOVE shiny things. My friends little brother got pecked really hard right under his eye. Don't let me scare you - chickens are no more dangerous than most pets, and are gentle for the most part, but they sometimes do peck (but there is always a reason).
Hello and welcome to BYC! I hope you get to keep chickens and good luck with your son

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