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Ok so I have some chickens, and was told by several people I had Red Sexlinks and Gold Sexlinks, all females. Even the vet checked for me and said I had girls... Well they are now 6 months old, and the only one laying is a Banny.
Than today, my son comes in to tell me that 1 of the Reds laid an egg.
I go out there to find this Red on the egg. So I rattled the food cup and she(I think) got off. I picked up the egg, to find it cool to the touch, as if it was there for a bit.
Well about 30 minutes later, I hear crowing.
I look over and that same Red is crowing.... But the crowing thing has just thrown me off.. So is it a Roo or a Hen. How can I tell. Other than the comb, and legs.


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A hen will sometimes crow in the abscence of a rooster in the flock. They take on the lead roll. Or you may have a rooster that just likes sitting in the nests. We have a few roosters that do this. It's like they want to keep the nest warm for their girls. We have also had one hen that crowed and we have 17 rooster.
HUMMMMM, I do have 2 roos, well I hope they are roos, in there with the girls. Many this is just 1 of those "Teenage Moments" she's having and she is really a she. It was just funny how it crowed and than looked at me like, "Look at what I can do Mom."

It's a roo.
After watching HIM for the last few days, and watching him do the deed with the hens, I figure she's a he... I guess even vets can bee wrong.

When I got my first 6, I was told I was buying all sexlink pullets. I even asked them several times, if they were sure.
At least these guys are friendly, thanks to me handling them everyday.
Even professional sexers get it wrong 15% of the time.
Our Black Sex-Links are the greatest girls. They love to be held and are just as gentle as can be. We always highly recomend them to families with small children. Our Black Sex-Link Roo, which looks like a Barred Rock, only he has lots of ggold in his hackles and saddles, also turned out to be quite gental. He doesn't necessarily like to be held but he sure doesn't mind being petted.
You will enjoy them all I am sure.

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