I'm confused!


8 Years
Jan 2, 2012
Okay so, my EE wasn't sitting on the eggs that I gave her, anymore. So I put my RIR/NH in there, and she sat on the nest. I put an egg in front her and she brought it under there. Whenever she lays an egg, she stays on it for about 3 hours then leaves. While she is sitting on it, she acts like a broody but then she gets off and goes outside with the others. Any reasons why she would be doing this??
I have a delaware hen that acts broody every time she lays an egg, growling, bristling like a bottle brush and pecking me. But it all goes away as soon as she lays her egg. :/

I have a polish x SS Hamburg that does this as well. She is in that nesting box at least 3 hours a day. She should not be a broody breed, but she sure acts like it! She has been broody for a full week - not laying at all. She makes a growling sound, but has never pecked me yet.

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