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    Hurry, sign up now. Be on the Board of Directors. Earn a huge salary with lots of benefits. A foundation car, housing, private foundation luxury jets, yachts and other great stuff all at your beck and call. Get government grants. Travel, adventure, fun, all at the gullible public's expense. Have a staff. Hire Phd's. Dress code will be casual, except when you attend our fancy-shmancy fund raising events. Sit at the head table. Be invited to the White House. Meet Oprah. Get a guest spot on the Tonight Show. Be treated to undue respect where ever you go.

    What is this great problem that we will be working on? I'm glad you asked:

    Ribose-5-phosphate isomerism Deficiency

    As far as I know there is no one working to find a cure or vaccine for this terrible disease. People who suffer from it need our help now. If you don't have the time or inclination to serve on the board, we'll be accepting donations ($5.00 would be good, $10.00 would be better.) shortly. Your donations will be tax deductible eventually. Feel good about yourself. Send money now.

    This is the rarest disease in the world with just one patient diagnosed with the condition. The symptoms of this disease was diagnosed after the affected boy was diagnosed with leukoencephalopathy. The patient had an increase in polyols arabitol, ribitol and erythritol in his SPECT profile. This disorder causes mutation in the pentose phosphate pathway enzyme.

    We need to think up a catchy name for our foundation. Also EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, what color should our ribbon be? One more thing, as members of the board we should all learn to pronounce Ribose-5-phosphate isomerism Deficiency.
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    [​IMG] Aw, c'mon! Surely, I've at least offended someone with this? I can't believe no one's responded. [​IMG]
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    Nope old Man. Sorry but you would most likely fair better in RR, GJ&F is out of em realm [​IMG]
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