I'm glad I quarantined my new hen.


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May 10, 2012
South Mississippi
I'm new at the backyard chicken business and I have learned so much from the forums here. I am certain some of that knowledge saved my flock this weekend. I went to a local swap meet up for the first time, yesterday. I bought a Buff Orp hen that was already laying to add to my beautiful Buff Orp roo and hen that I already have. I knew I should keep her away from my chickens, but I was unsure how long. (The general consensus was at least a month) I read and researched on the BYC forums different stories of others whose flocks were contaminated from new birds. The new hen looked beautiful, happy, and healthy. Her cage mates also looked well. I checked her over for lice/mite damage etc. I set her up in her own mini coop area till the quarantine period was over.

Well, she was dead as a hammer this morning :/ I know it could be something simple like the stress of moving to a new place. But she also could have had other underlying health issues that could have been transferred to my existing birds. I've learned my lesson. I will hatch my own or strictly buy day old chicks. All the birds I have now came from someone local and was recommended by other people. I don't want to risk the health of my birds!

Thanks to all the awesome knowledgeable people here at BYC :)


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Nov 27, 2008
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A prime example why quarantine works, good job. Keep in mind that biosecurity measures include clothing, shoes, hygiene and a quarantine distance as far as possible from established flocks.

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