I'm going to breed SILKIES!!! So exciting!!! Update: PICS!

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  1. I never thought I'd see the day where I am breeding Silkies. I used to think they were too common for my taste and difficult to work with, but a few weeks ago, out of nowhere, I just fell in love with them! When we went to the Sussex CO fair about 3 weeks ago, I asked a nice breeder, who was grooming a beautiful White hen, if he sold any birds. He said he had actually brought a trio with him that day, and after he was done preparing his show-birds, he would bring them out. A few minutes later, I fell in love with a young trio of blacks. After looking, I guess my dad fell in love with them, too, because out of nowhere, he suggested that we take them home to breed our own!

    The man told us, straight away, even though I already knew myself, just from looking, that the male of the group was pet quality, only. He is pretty typey, but has golden leakage in his hackles. I couldn't not take him: the breeder wanted them all to go together.

    After I brought them home to have a better look, I noticed one of the girls looked awefully rooish. And a week later, she started crowing. So now we're finding a home for Mr. PQ and keeping the other boy, whom I have deamed 'Saturn', because he's big enough to be his own planet. [​IMG] The breeder also promised us a nice blue hen, and told us he'd have other birds available shortly. I'm going to start a small B/B/S pen. My goal is to bring back some nice birds to our area, considering most of those that I see are of hatchery origin.

    I'll take pics later. They just had baths yesterday, so they're extra poofy. [​IMG]
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    Congratulations!! You say small pen.. But trust me, it will grow quicker than you think. So much so, that I want to thin my herd of Large Fowl so I can make room for more silkies!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Actually, I have been meaning to ask, we had plans for a 6X5X3 ft pen with a 10X10 ft run. I'm going to be going to college in two years, and my parents don't want to be stuck with too many chickens, because ours rarely seem to die. Is this pen size too small for 1 boy and 5 girls? Is that even too few girls for one roo? I'm trying to figure out an okay ratio and coop size. I might be able to get away with extending the width of the coop to 10 ft, to meet the width of the run. Maybe I should be asking this in the coops section...
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    I did that same thing but not at a fair at Little Ameraucana Mom's house and it was a buff not a black!!! Now I need hens!
  5. Kay, here are pics. Pardon the quality, my camara is from the stone-age...

    Saturn, my rooster.




    Ophilia, his only hen. Need to find him some more before he starts mating.



    The breeder said they are from Hattrick lines, along with lines from a different breeder, I can't remember who. These particular birds are FAR from perfect, but I do love them just the same.

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