I'm Going To College!


9 Years
Mar 5, 2011
Berthoud, CO
I was just assigned a dorm room for my first year of college at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, Colorado!

Holy cow it's been a stressful day! I've been wanting to get into one of two dorms (New North or New South), and right before we were allowed to get onto the website to select our rooms, it had said that there were no available rooms in North, South, or Turner Hall (which happened to be my third choice). Discouraged, I decided to try for Lawrenson. Well at 3:00, they let us in the website, I selected a room in Lawrenson, then right after I clicked it, it said it was unavailable. I realized I had no 5th choice. I decided to check New South. THERE WAS ONE SPOT OPEN IN ONE ROOM! I don't think I've ever clicked so fast in my life! I did it! I am so relieved!

Sorry for the ramble! I had to share with someone!
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There are so many young people who cannot afford to go to college. Please use your opportunity wisely and take advantage of this education. And give yourself a pat on the back, you should be very proud of yourself!
Take advantage and learn a meaningful degree. Don't just become a Psychology Major. Sorry to all you Psych Majors out there, including my brother (who turned out fine regardless).

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