Im gona be in trouble now....


8 Years
Jul 15, 2011
I broke down n bought a bator today!!! Got a lil giant type. I will have to wait on the egg turner and do it later but for now I can turn them by hand. DH is going to kill me when he finds out.... I have some eggs coming from somone on byc and was going to try the skillet method but I noticed the temp fluctuates a lil bit with my heater and cooking, (its in laundry room off the kitchen and oven really warms up this art of the house as I bake a lot). I figured its not worth risking the eggs.

He also doesn't know bout the eggs yet.... We got a sudden snow storm the last couple days and have been a lil occupied. At leased thats my excuss.
Got confirmation my eggs shipped today!
so I figure I have at leased 2 more days to think of a gentle way to tell him.
Or run for the hills at leased, how far is canada from oregon....... I can make it!
He just doesn't understand chicken math and that when I said 6-10 I meant 6 +10 then their offspring. and that was just for my coop! DD's coop is almost done for her 4h birds so we need to hatch some new 1's for her. And then that clears out some room in my coop for more so....... And there is still a corner of the yard no being used we could put another coop.........

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