Im gonna sound crazy... Quail diapers?



Oct 13, 2020
Well, I have a button quail. He is quite the pooper. I really want to be able to let him sit with me while I do school work. He LOVES cuddles, I just don't want tiny turds everywhere. I discovered https// Is that crazy? I tried to sew my own. I can never get it right. Maybe I'm just a sucker for animals. What size would an adult male button quail be?
Just get chicken diapers and tinker with them until you make fit.
I think they would be a little too small for him. He is a button quail. Here is a picture I found on the internet, It will show you their size
You are probably freaking him out by taking him out of his cage each time.
I would suggest getting a cat to hang out with.
From what I see, he doesn't freak out, he actually seems to enjoy being held. He will sit on my blanket and sleep there. That's the only reason I would do this for him, none of the others

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