I'm gonna strangle Lilith!

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    Lilith is my loner chicken/problem child. She's even more of a loner since I re-homed my alpha roo yesterday. She spent all day today inside the yard where the new roo in charge can't get to her; he's too big to fit thru the fence.
    She stood at the back door screaming blue bloody murder every time I came inside the house. I'd let her in for a little bit and then find a snack for her and put her back out. Three times while working in the yard I suddenly had a chicken on my shoulder when he would start chasing her - he wants to mate, she wants no part of it.
    I went out this evening to find her and put her out in the coop with all the other chickens and can't find her.
    Finally found her. She was snuggled up on a roost with the same rooster she's been avoiding all day! [​IMG]
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    strange those birds.
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    Oh yikes I though you were talking about MY Lillith... She sounds like a mischievous one!

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