I'm having a 30% off Sale in my Artfire Studio


12 Years
Oct 19, 2007
Newton, NC
I'm trying to raise the $ for my dog's surgery, so I'm having a 30% off sale in my Artfire Studio . I have raised about 1/3 of what I need so far. I will either invoice your, or refund via paypal. You do not have to have an Artfire account to buy either. TIA

Stupid me, I forgot to tell what she was having surgery for. She has an aural hematoma. She had the surgery on her left ear last year, and I've noticed she is having the same problem now with her right ear.

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I just got some of her soaps and they are awesome. The scent of the lotion I got is very nice. Very nice products
I give her items a big thumbs up!!!
I'd love to help you fund the surgery for your pup, and also to shine my hiney!!

I'll be buying some goodies today.

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