I'm having the best hatch EVER!


11 Years
Jul 29, 2008
Eastern, Kentucky
out of 29 RIR eggs I had in the bator I have already 19 and 7 more hatching. Looks like 3 quit on me...This is by far the best Hatch I have had yet!!! Pictures soon!!!
WEEEEEEEEEEE! can't wait to see pics. we have 41 in the bator, wish us luck! as long as we do better than 4 out of 4 dozen like last time we will be happy. heres hoping your chicks are hens
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When a hatch goes well it is an exciting & happy time huh? Congrats to you! Can't wait to see the pics.
Congratulations!!! Looks like you're gonna have a nice flock increase!

Having such a good hatch I've got a couple of questions for you...

What type of incubator?
What humidity levels have you used?
These were eggs from your flock? Not shipped?
Any temperature issues?

Thanks, and again, fantastic hatch going on!

sorry I have not posted sooner. I got 25 chicks out of 29 eggs. So I only lost 4 which all 4 developed but just did not hatch not sure why.

Have not gotten to take pics yet. 12 of them went to live with my aunt today for her daugher who has been waiting on RIR chicks for along time.

Intheswamp I am using a Still air LG. My humidity ran from day 1-18 40-45% and my temp was 101-102 from 1-18. On day 18 temp stayed the same but I up'ed the humidity to 75%. These eggs were bought from someone about an hour from me and drove home in my own car and was fresh and put into the incubator the same day they were laided. I had one temp issue on about day 13 spiked to 103 but that was about it. All are doing well and eating and drinking now.

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