Im in Tacoma looking for pure breed Ameriaucanas

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    Hi [​IMG] I am looking for a Standard sized SILVER americana or Ameriaucanas not too sure of the spelling.

    (I have included a picture of what she would look like above) I have a small backyard flock and I would love to have 1 or 2 of these to add to my flock. If I can't find silver I would also like the wheaten or blue.
    I want them as pet/egg production for my family NOT for breeding.

    If anyone knows anyone who shows these, have 4-H with them or breed them and you have extra hens, pullets that didn't quite make the cut I will take her!! I will give her a good home with other very tame chickens and my chickens get good food and free range in my back yard all day. :) [​IMG]

    I'll do chicks in a few months too if you plan on hatching some out in Jan or Feb.

    I also am looking for Standard sized speckled Sussex, blue double laced or silver double Barnevelders. Im not really interested in bantams I need Standard sized for egg production.

    I live in Tacoma Washington I dont really wanna travel more that a hour or two for them.
    Thanks!! [​IMG]

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