Im incubating soon and I need to know...How do I "sex" a chick?

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by MeghanChickLady, Aug 7, 2014.

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    Aug 6, 2014
    Im incubating in a few days and I plan to put the majority of my hatch on craigs list. I don't want to say, "so-so amount of chicks, a week old, unsure gender..." So Im wondering how to do this and how to tell whats what. Also, my chickens are bantams and I know how small and delicate the chicks can I need to be careful with the chicks? Yes, I know you always need to be careful, but what I mean is, do I need to extra careful? Or should I not do it at all, depending on their size/weight/age? Please help!
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    You really cant tell with bantams until about 5 weeks, then you can start getting hints of males. Even large fowl chicks, takes a lot of training to be able to vent sex them at a day old. Unless you have auto-sexing breeds like leghorns or sex-link chickens like black stars or golden comets.
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    X2, you won't really be able to do it. Vent sexing is the main way day olds are sexed. Some are specially bred to be sexed by color (red sex links etc and some auto sexing breeds like Welsummers can be done that way to some extent) and some by wing feather length, but again the parents have to be specifically selected to use that.
    Vent sexing is pretty much the only way to sex most day olds and it is not easy and can be dangerous to the chicks, generally only experts do it, and most won't do bantams because they are so small and fragile (which is why it is hard to get sexed bantams even from the large hatcheries). Nice article on it.
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    You pretty much have to breed sex links, or sell them as straight run, sorry. Many hatcheries don't even vent sex bantams.
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    Aug 6, 2014
    oh, okay. Well, thank you anyways. I guess I`ll have to keep them in the brooder until then. Thank you, Kelsie, Donrae, and Sunshine. You guys did help ;)
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