I'm kind of new. :)


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Mar 2, 2010
Hello all lol.

My mother nd I have been looking at this site for a few months, just lurching around. Nd I realy like it, so today I have signed up

My names Taylor (mom: Kriss)
We r getin our 1st chicks in a few days, we have everything ready for em with all their needs.

Nd I have a ?... That somebody could answer: How long can baby chicks stay out of the warmth, because we have to go pick them up, nd its about an hour or more away from us????
Please nd Thanx
- Taylor (the noob) :]
Welcome to BYC. I can't help you with how long they can stay out of the heat as I am an aussie and it doesn't get cold here like there but I am sure one of the other great members here will help you with that. Congrats on getting chickens. You will love them.
Chicks are ususally sent with enough little bodies to create enough warmth for the batch. That's were you get what's called "packing peanuts" Extra chicks you didn't count on. Keep the vehicle warm, get them home fast as possible and undeer the heat lights. Water is very important and sugar water( light mixture) is very beneficial for the first 3 days. Keep them out of drafts. Be prepared to pick up as soon as postal worker calls and says, "We got a noisey box here with your name on it!"
sure thing :] nd I just moved here, I used to live in Pennsylvania... I miss it, but whats not to love here lol (no snow)

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