I'm looking for some airline flying advice (MORE questions on pg 3)


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I need to get a plane ticket for next month but don't know much about buying them online or where to get the cheapest tickets. This will be my first time flying and being at an airport. I have no clue what to do after buying the ticket, what to do when arriving at the airport, and I will have to change planes once. I looked on cheaptickets.com and they seem to be the cheapest so far. I also notice the refundable tickets are over double the normal ones. When I get to the airport I assume I got up to a desk near the plane I'm boarding and get the ticket but what about lugage? Also when switching planes do I need to pick up my bags and take it to the next plane and how do I find out what plane I need to get on? Also do they let you take a small bag on the plane still or did they stop that? I thought about taking a small bag with my stuff to try to avoid seperating from it so it doesn't get lost. Also how are the security with digital cameras in your bags? I'm going down to visit my parents for my B-Day and want to take some pictures but don't want the security taking my camera. I don't mind them going through my bags. Camera is the only thing I'm worried about getting lost since I still have old clothes at my dad's house. Don't know what I would do without a camera to take pictures of my chickens.
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Go there, they even search cheap tickets.

Southwest.com is cheap too.

If you find tickets from a secondary site, try the actual company's site, some like Continental, tend to be cheaper on there actual site.

You MAY bring on a carry on bag. Check the individual airline's policies as to size. Don't plan on bringing any liquids on carryons.

You can typically have one carry on plus a personal bag. I flew to Italy with all my clothes in a carry on plus my large camera bag as my personal bag.

Typically, when you get to the airport there will be a "Departing" section, you go there and look for your airline. Typically there is a desk for the airline when you enter. You go through the line and when you get to the desk if you have luggage they'll take it or make sure it's small enough to be considered a carry on.

Make sure you have DL or Valid Id and it's not expired. I accidentally had an expired license last time (luckily I had my old college ID) and I was treated like a terrorist.


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Congratulations on your first flight! I love flying - wish I could do it more.
First, do plan on taking a carry-on - just call your airline (once you've booked) to make sure you know exactly how big your bag can be. Then, NEVER check your digital camera, or anything else of any value - keep it with you at all times. If you plan on never seeing your checked luggage again and pack accordingly you won't have any problems. You usually check your luggage at the ticket counter where you check in. You might want to show up at least 1/2 hour before your flight, or earlier if you can, since you don't know your way around the system - that allows time for finding your terminal, etc. If you have to make a connection mid-trip (ie: change planes) your luggage that's checked will be routed with you, so you don't need to look for it till you reach your destination. Just make sure you keep your carry-on with you. And airline staff are usually really helpful, so if you need help finding your terminal, luggage, connections, etc, there will be someone there in a uniform to direct you. Bon voyage!

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I would show up at least 2 hours before your flight. Sometimes things are slow. Better to be early then to miss your flight.

But don't stess flying to much, you'll be fine.


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I fly out of SeaTac, which is a large international airport. Smaller airports are different, so just read the signs and go with it. It's not scary, and there are people around to ask if you don't know what to do.

what to do when arriving at the airport I go and get my ticket. Then find my airline and check my bag if I have one. Then go through security. Then find my gate.

I will have to change planes once The second plane should be listed on your ticket, so when you get off the plane, find one of those huge screens (you've seen them in movies) and find the number (ex AA123) then go to the listed gate.

When I get to the airport I assume I got up to a desk near the plane I'm boarding and get the ticket but what about lugage? Most tickets are now "e-tickets" you can either print them, or write down the confirmation number and go to a ticket computer, put in the number, and it will print. (I do the second one) If you're checking bags, you get in line, go to a computer, plug in the number, get ticket, wait until they call your name, then check your bag. I hate this process. I have more than once stood looking confused until someone had to tell me what to do. It happens. It's no big deal. SeaTac is... Busy. I flew into Boise once and was like "Where are the hordes of people??"

Also when switching planes do I need to pick up my bags and take it to the next plane Nope.

Also do they let you take a small bag on the plane still or did they stop that? Google check on the specific airline you choose. Most allow two bags, including a purse. The sizes will be specific.

Also how are the security with digital cameras in your bags? I've never had a problem with my digital camera.

I'll let someone else answer the question about refundable tickets, as I've never gotten them.

Have fun! Flying can be fun. How long are the flights?
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I got my tickets super cheap! I have to fly my dog to my dad in FL at the end of this month. I went to americanairlines.com the beginning of this month and did a search. I got a one way ticket from KC,MO to Jacksonville, FL on March 24 for $49 ($68 after taxes and fees). I also got my return flight through continental.com for $49 ($70 after taxes and fees). I will be there for a week and there were several days that had the fare that low. I was shocked at how low it was. I don't know if it was a fluke or I just got lucky. I would try searching different airlines. I tried cheap tickets and other sites of that type and I got my tickets cheaper through the airlines themselves. Airlines also charge you for baggage, not carry ons. American Airlines and Continental charge $15 per bag per trip so it would have cost me $30 round trip for a bag. I opted to just bring my carry on. On my flights, I am allowed one carry on plus my purse. You can go to the airlines website and find out all their rules on that stuff. My dad said I could wear some of his T-shirts so I am bringing just my pants, a nice shirt or two, undies and shoes. I will be bringing my camera as well and I will carry it in my purse. You can bring shampoo,body wash, etc, but it can't be more than 3 oz per bottle and must be in a clear zippered bag. I think that is about it. Good luck and I would get searching now to get the best rates.


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And heed the advice about never expecting to see your checked luggage again. Put nothing in there that really matters, and put enough in your carryon to survive the trip (meds, some undies, one change of clothes, like that.) If you take a prescription med be sure it is in its drugstore bottle. Take a solid deodorant and use your parents' shampoo etc.

It's amazing how much checked luggage never arrives, or arrives a month later.

True that flying is by far the safest way to travel, for you, but not for your checked belongings.


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Sweetheart and I will be flying to SLC the first of April.

It's free cuz we have a credit card that gives us "Dividend Miles"... takes a while to build up enough miles though.

We have one with US Airways from the business and one with Southwest for the household and we use the credit card for EVERYTHING (I've even used it to pay some taxes!)... and pay off the balance each and every month. Great way to travel.

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