I'm new and hatching chickens!


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Dec 7, 2021
I love birds. I've always kept budgies and cockatiels so I'm familiar with parakeets but I've always dreamed of chickens, domestic birds with cold-hardy breeds that I can pamper and not have to worry they might freeze if I take them outside and it's not midsummer. I've desperately wanted a pet chicken for years and I'm slowly getting closer to making that a reality.
I'm helping a family member hatch and raise some chickens. He recently bought an acreage and wants to have a small flock of friendly chickens, as close to pets as possible, nobirdy is getting eaten here.
After my friend's second attempt to hatch eggs to no avail, I've ordered eight hatching eggs from a breeder to hatch myself as I have more spare time and faster access to resources since I'm in the city.
I live in central Alberta Canada and it gets COLD so cold-tolerant/hardy birds are a must! My friend is new to country living and owning prey animals so breeds that are known to be better at avoiding or intimidating predators would be ideal. These birds are going to basically be pets, so friendliness is key. With these requirements in mind I ordered these breeds...
Two blue Brahmas, beautiful, intimidatingly large but ultimately one of the friendliest breeds around.
One Erminette, cold-hardy, gentle, very healthy, and reminds me of a cookie.
One Basque, cold tolerant, all around healthy and hardy, and outrageously friendly.
One Hedemora, good moms, docile, easy to handle, and cold weather masters.
Two Icelandic, mild temperament, hot and cold hardy, exceptional predator evasion, and some have the cutest little tuft on their head.
One Svart Hona, hot and cold hardy, friendly, good predator evasion, and black so I'm naming it kettle.

I have an eight pound 13 year old dog who likes to stare at birds (I wonder where she gets that from), two buff budgies (vet confirmed "buff", they never miss wing day), and two spoilt cockatiels. Over the years I've fed the corvids in the areas I frequent and am now recognized and stalked by many magpies, hence the username.
I'm a 3D artist by trade and do illustration on the side, I mostly doodle birds when I really should be practicing other things. I am going to draw SO MANY CHICKENS!

It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance,

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