I'm new but I can already feel the love.

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Jun 9, 2009
I have been to this web-site soooo many times already, I figured I better join.

I did an impulsive thing. My daughter's kindergarten class hatched chicks and I took the 6 that made it. They are so cute but I have no idea what kind they are. I'll just have to wait and see. The not knowing is kind of fun (like having a baby except they're already born).

Anyway, I have had the chicks for a few weeks, they are just about a month old now and they have been in a plastic crate - about 18" W 31" L and 12" H. (with the lamp, food and water of course). They looked a bit pinched the other day so I put 3 in a large dog crate and left three in the little bin. I just want reassurance. Am I going in the right direction.

FROM KANSAS! Congrats on your chickidies!
Welcome, we're a lovable sort!

If they're feathered out you'll most likely want to build an outdoor pen soon. If you have photos of them, the people on the what breed gender is this area love a challenge.
My husband and I should be building a coop in the next few days. Currently we do have a covered run 5' wide, 3' high and 9' long so the lovelies do have somewhere to go during the day but at night its a pinch.
Welcome! I'm also fairly new to chickens and have learned so much from this site and members. They are amazingly easy keepers and so entertaining, we've spent many evenings pulling up a chair, cold drink in hand watching the chickens-who would've thunk it!
I recommend cruising through the coop site and picking out the features you want - make it easy to access. My hubby came up with a great plan for our eight girls and other then making the roosts removeable I would not change a thing. The hens really like hanging out under the elevated coop. The best part is it didn't cost much and we put it together in a matter of a couple of days.

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