I'm new to chickens and I'm really worried :(


6 Years
Sep 10, 2013
A week ago I purchased a bunch of new chicks. I bought some 2 gold laced polish chicks 1 Cochin 4 Silkies and a few were given to me from a family member that got them at coastal farm. Now I'm sure I have to do some sort of immunizations for the ones that I bought at the feed store and coastal farm, the private breeder said she does all her own vaccines blah blah blah...

Here is my concern.... my Cochin is the oldest of the chicks, she is very friendly and likes the company of the other babies... but last night she started acting funny, secluding herself from the rest of the brood, not moving much and from what I could tell not eating or drinking much from the hour or so I sat and watched her, to see if she was okay. I picked her up and she sort of flopped around in my hands with little movement (like a limp noodle) from what I could see she was sitting in her own poo :( -- This morning she was wide awake and moving around but not like her perky self I saw a week ago. She sort of hobbled around. I checked her legs and her wings for signs of injury and came up empty. She just sort of goes limp and lays there in the grass/chips. The other 10 chicks are fine, a few with pasty butt but nothing serious. Tonight she hasn't shown any signs of improvement.

Should I separate her from the rest of them so she doesn't make the others sick? or so she can get better? Also someone... not sure who has some nasty brownish orange poo... its pretty stinky. It doesn't seem to be her though.... I've tried to do some research myself to see whats wrong with her but I haven't found anything. HELP!
If she is sick w/ a contagious disease the others already have been exposed.

How old are they? The cochin especially?

Orange or red poo could be cocci. Are they on medicated feed? You don't describe any respiratory problems, which leads my thinking back to cocci.

But full disclosure I am not great w/ chicken disease, I usually do prevention and when that fails cull.
I would say that the Cochin is about 9-10 weeks old... when I got the others they were all about 5-6 weeks old. I am judging by the size of the littler ones that shes only a few weeks older. They are not on any medicated feed, just the standard grower starter food for the chicks from Coastal Farm. The poo is more brown than it is orange, and it definitely is not red and gooey looking like the photos I've seen.
You could try giving her some sugar water to help perk her up a little. Most feed supply stores have electrolytes and such to give lethargic/weak acting chicks as well.

Make sure the other chicks aren't picking on her, too. If they are you'll have to seclude her.

Good luck!
She seems to be doing just fine now... We will be keeping an eye on her. I don't know the temperament of the Cochin breed. Are they dramatic in stressful situations?

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