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A large white (Leghorn?) rooster showed up on my daughters porch in Vail about a week ago. He seems healthy, probably a little skinny for winter tho. His problem is frostbite on his comb and wattles. How a rooster can get frostbite in southern Arizona is beyond my grasp--unless he had absolutely no shelter at all!
I put vaseline on them to try to prevent further frostbite, he's eating and now crowing.
Is there anything else I need to do or watch for other than the obvious...infection, necrosis etc. He's gentle but of course trys to avoid getting caught!
Also, Does anyone know where I can find information on keeping chickens and zoning/noise laws related to that in Pima County?
ALSO, Does anyone know of any place that has a rooster rescue or will take unwanted roosters? He's a real nice guy but I don't think his 6:30 crowing is going to go over well with neighbors even though we are semi-rural.
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How good of you to help a stray. You can google rooster/chicken rescue and see what is available.

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