I'm New w/ Sick Rooster - Does our coop need a heater/heat lamp?

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    I only have 3 chickens, and the coop is a converted dog kennel.
    I have 4 dogs that howled so loud in there the neighbors thought we had wolves and police came so the chickens got it
    Should I get them a heat lamp? I live in NJ and we've been getting a lot of snow, temp around 16 - 38 these days...
    Oh, and the rooster was recovering from a possible turkey attack in the picture, head wounds.
    Thank you for your time.

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  2. Imp

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    At 16-38 *F you do not need to heat, if you want to it's OK, but it is really your choice. Make sure the coop is dry and draft free.

    roo recovering OK?

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    You shouldn't need any heat in there, as long as the roo is eating and acting fine he should recover. Plus, If you try to heat that coop...you will be heating the outdoors as it will escape out the top big time.

    my coop is an insulated shed, but I don't heat it and we have had temps below 0 F and it kept up to 15 F in the coop, all I worry about it keeping the water unfrozen (love my new heater)

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