"I'm not a boy, mom!"


Apr 15, 2018
Central PA
Long story short: I rescued a baby pigeon that was found on the floor of my barn a few months ago now. Decided to keep the pigeon, as it wouldn't have survival instincts being raised by a human. He does great and has adapted well to indoor life (though I do take him outside with me a lot!).

But today, I got a big surprise!
When I went to go feed my pigeon earlier, I was greeted with this:


I was so shocked! :eek:

I had to do a double-take to confirm that I had indeed seen an egg. I was sure Percy was a male all this time, but man she sure showed me otherwise :rolleyes: I had no idea they would lay eggs without them being fertilized. But I am new to pigeons, so now I know! We all had a good laugh about it. I still love my sassy little Percy girl just the same :p

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