Im not sure whats coming out of her vent?

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  1. trula

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    Feb 16, 2009
    noticed one of my chickens staying on the nest at night (not normal) day cleaned her bottom off to check her out and realized some of her bottom organs (like a fat quarter size) were protruding out. I'm not sure exactly what Im looking at...but Im guessing she is also egg bound. she went from laying eggs every day to zero the last 4 days.
  2. mainchick

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    Jun 1, 2008
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    might be prolapse! do you have pictures??
  3. SussexInSeattle

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    Oct 6, 2008
    Quote:Gwyneth, is that you?
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    If she is eggbound and it's been that long, she may need fast intervention to get through this. If you have the option of an avian vet, that may be the best thing. Alternatively, you can do a "search" (see above search function) for eggbound and get lots of advice on what to do. This includes placing her in a toasty warm but not too hot bath deep enough to cover that back end but not so deep as to overly alarm her. You can't leave her side during this 15-20 minutes and afterwards dry her well with warm fluffy towel and keep her warm and quiet and safe in a dark, comfortable place to slow egg production. With food and water nearby. She may need extra calcium (liquid) to push this baby out but it's a different calcium than the oyster shell. Read the threads on eggbound and see what you think. If she is eggbound, time is of the essence.

    How old is she? How long has she been laying eggs? is she eating and drinking? How is her poop?

  5. Southernbelle

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    Mar 17, 2008
    Calcium is supposed to be essential for them to push the egg. If their levels got too low, like if she'd been pushing for a while, she may need a calcium boost. I read a suggestion for crushing Tums and feeding them, but I've never tried it. Hope she gets better!
  6. StonebeckFarm

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    Jun 21, 2007
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    First determine if she is egg bound....

    If it is a prolapse-- you can help her put her "parts" back in. I fiixed a prolaspe last year. With a gloved finger, use some lubricant (KY Jelly) and put it back in. Make sure the "area is clean" first. I did a search on this site and also found a vet manual on line from the early 1920s that told me how to put it back in. We kept her in the house for three days. Two days in a row I had to replace the part until the muscles healed and were able to hold the parts in themselves.
  7. ChazsChikNCoop

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    Jan 21, 2009
    A pic would def. help. It would be a bursted egg would it?
  8. trula

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    Feb 16, 2009
    Thanks for the suggestions.

    We put her in a warm bath today and she is inside in a dark cozy corner with a heating pad.
    Her poop looks normal and we know she is drinking water and eating (yesterday she was outside with the other chickens grazing for part of the day).
    I am sorry I can not send a camera and computer are not co-operating.
    What is covering her vent is a tough (not moist and soft) chunk of ??but skin like. When I try to move it around or look more closely at it, it is definitely connected to her vent and the underneath is moist. very red and raw looking.
    I will try to give her some calcium.
    Unfortunately I will be leaving the chicken with a friend for the next couple days because our family is heading out for a few days but will pass on as much info as I can. Thank you all for your support and I will let everyone know the out come Thanks T
  9. hinkjc

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    Jan 11, 2007
    Using gloves and preparation h, gentle push the flesh back inside her in an upward movement. Sounds like need to get it back inside and the swelling down so it stays in place.

    Dim light is a good idea to stop her egg cycle. You don't want any eggs forming until you get this corrected.

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