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    Apr 18, 2009
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    I helped my son enter his picture of his pet piggie in a cutest pet contest. I've posted everywhere I can think of including here, e-mailed everyone I know, sat in parking lots to get free wi-fis, etc. I take my laptop with me everywhere I go. (Don't have a smart phone). I look at the website constantly to see where we stand. We have been yo-yoing from 2nd to 3rd place and now the current 2nd place winner has jumped up over 60 votes ahead. So where does my obsession go over the top? Well I saw an ad on freecycle requesting a tv if someone had one they wanted to declutter. Their family members lost all there electronics during our last storm due to a power surge. They lost tvs, fridge, computer, etc. I happened to have an extra tv. We never get rid of anything. Emailed back and the family came to get the tv. I wanted DH to ask them to vote in return [​IMG] DH wouldn't do it reminding me they have no computer. [​IMG] The end of this portion of the contest ends Sept 30th. It can't come fast enough!

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