I'm officially a Hova bator convert.

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    I've often read about the superior quality of Hova bator to Little Giant incubators but I'd not have believed it was that significant until experiencing it for myself. My gosh, I remember spending over a day setting temperature with the LG last spring and fiddling with it's micro adjustments that would send the incubator 3 or 5 degrees one way or another. I just set our new Hova bator in less than 2 hours. It only took that long as I was incredulous it took that much turning out of the lever raise the temperature so little.

    Don't get me wrong, the LG does the job and with a little self control to not touch the dial it would hold heat just fine. I'd only run into trouble if it spiked some due to late spring ambient temps sky rocketing so touched the dial instead of opening lid to get it down. But, we moved up to a clear view top Hova bator (model 1583, forced air) as I got an older model NIB at such a fantastic price and we have four girls here that wont have to jostle each other on hatch day to see. The turn out adjustment is super easy, assembled it and had tight thinking it would be some what small adjustments not the full 360 degree turn around for raising of 4 degrees that it was. The seal of top lid is excellent and this thing is holding temp with less than 2 degree sway so far.

    I honestly never believed the Hova bator temperature lever would be that much more user friendly than the LG. I'm officially a convert and itching to start the Easter hatch.
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    Many people would graduate from a LG to Hovabator to something wonderful, like the cabinet incubators!

    I have my Hovabator for a good while now and loved it! Mine is the Genesis series.

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