i'm planning to buy a pair of pigeon

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    hi guys!!!!

    i need your opinion or suggestion because i'm planning to buy a pair of Pigeon and also it's my first time to buy,, i don't know how to manage it,,and i have some questions about having a pet pigeon.

    q1. how long do pigeon breed or mate?
    q2. how long do the parent pigeon incubate (or hatch) their eggs?
    q3. how long do the baby pigeon separate to it's parents?
    q4. and how long do it breed after it's first breeding?

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    thanks guys,,,,god bless you all...i accept comment,,opinion,,suggestion and etc.
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    Pigeons generally will select one mate and stay paired from then on. I have pairs in their teens that still raise squabs.

    Pigeon eggs take roughly 18 days to hatch. They will lay one egg and then two days later lay the second egg. Most pairs hover over the first egg and go into full brooding mode after the second egg is laid, but the older egg still generally hatch 18 to 24 hours prior to the second.

    Both parents will feed the squabs until they start the next nest, and then the male will continue feeding them. They will wean on their own.

    I'm not sure what you want on this question, but if you want to know how long before they start the second round - this varies from breed to breed. If allowed to my Birmingham rollers would raise a pair of squabs roughly every month and a half. Larger birds in my experience have a longer period between rounds of squabs.

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