I'm posting this for someone else. Her byc name is chickengiver; she's in Brooklyn, NY

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    I was just contacted out of the blue by a young woman by the name of Elvire who got my name from the web as someone who keeps chickens. Her company bought her a hen to use in a film project. The project is over and now she needs to find a good home for this hen. Elvire and the chicken are in Brooklyn. Could you please phone her and see if you can take the chicken off her hands or at least direct her further. At my suggestion just now, Elvire has joined BYC.com and her member name is chickengiver. She emailed a photo of the chicken to me and I've attached it here to this posting. Not sure of the breed, but she looks lovely.

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  2. Sherrillk

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    Jul 27, 2012
    Hi All...just a quick note that "Barbara" has a new home. But we are wondering if someone can check the photo in Carolyn's post and determine the breed? Thank you.
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    To me it looks young male Freedom Ranger, or mixed breed.
    This picture is not enough be 100% sure, need better body shot, and close up of it's back.
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    Apr 28, 2014
    hi...can she pm me @ Ravennest here at BYC.com...if she still looking to re-home her.


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