I'm pretty sure Buffy has sour/impacted crop & I have quesitions.

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    May 3, 2010
    After i read up a bit more on impacted crops I think that's what's wrong with my 5 month old Buff Op. I thought an impacted crop meant is was hard, but I guess it can be enlarged & soft. Last night I massaged her crop & held her with her head downwards over the toliet & all kinds of brownish smelly liquid came out. Yikes, what a mess. After that I put her back in the dog crate, removed her food & left onlly water. She is drinking. Today her only poops have been liquid & yellow, and the right side where crop is still feels puffed up.

    I looked at more info on what do do about impacted crops. One of my books said to massage & put their head down to bring it up, but on line I read that was dangerous & to try to move it through not up. What I think seems to be the course of action is to add raw ACV with the mother to her water, give no food & after 12 hours try pieces of bread soaked in olive oil & continue with gentle downward massage to crop. One post mentioned giving the first dose of vinegar by syringe by beak. 1/4 teaspoon.

    Do you get the raw ACV at health food store or will they have it at Blue Seal? Also do they have syringes there for use with small animals? Or would a small medicine dropper be better?

    Do you think this is a good course of treatment? All advise will be appreciated.

    Mom to Buffy & the girls
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    It sounds to me like you have sour crop, as opposed to impacted crop. The treatment for each is somewhat different.

    This is the advice i would follow for sour crop, pretty much to the letter. SpeckledHen knows her business.

    ACV can be purchased at a health food store, and every once in a while, a grocery store like Krogers, that sells some organic items.

    I know that at my feed store, i can buy all sorts of little medicine syringes (without needles) for a few pennies. Your source for animal related items probably sells them too.
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    So did anyone ever hear how this all played out? pumpkinpeep?
  4. PunkinPeep

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    Sorry, i haven't re-read that thread in a while. I just keep in my favorites so i can reference it quickly. As to the sour crop, it seems everything was resolved. I meant to simply be recommending post number 2 from that thread, which is Speckledhen's formula for curing sour crop. The coccidiosis information shouldn't apply to you right now.

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