I'm really impatient..not for chicks..


8 Years
Feb 13, 2011
Central IL
but for everything...
I keep looking at them..going..hmmm..vitamins..can that help them mature faster..I want eggs NOW...
I want to go out and collect them...
I want my coop fixed...
I want my run done..
I want my coop painted..

isnt there a "CHICKEN EASY" button????

geesh....(no I wont do vitamins lol)...but man..this is going to be a long 18+ wks...
Yup it is.

That's why I am buying my chickens just 4 - 6 weeks from laying. That is gonna be long enough for me.
Yeah, before I bought my chicks, I had to weigh the pros and cons.
One of the cons (I think the only one) was that I'd have to WAIT for eggs.
But then once they're all grown up and flown the coop (I mean brooder), you'll want MORE babies!
So the cycle continues, I guess.

For me the pure enjoyment and pleasure of the baby chicks makes the wait so easy.

Just like with your babies, enjoy them while you can! They will be old biddies soon enough!
I know the answer, since you must have teenagers go to the TSC right now and get a few more fuzzy butts to keep you busy.
That always makes chicken keeping more fun.

ETA: Just noted that you do have babies from 3/3. Okay, maybe that is not enough to keep you busy.
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