I'm Researching Chas. A. Cyphers and the Poultry Equipment & Supply Manufacturing Firms He Started 1

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    Dec 18, 2014
    Elma NY USA

    I'm researching Mr. Chas. A. Cyphers and the 3 firms he founded:

    -- Cyphers Incubator Company, Philadelphia PA, Wayland, NY, Buffalo, NY, 1896-to~1919 -- Chas. left in late 1903

    -- Chas. A. Cyphers, Buffalo, NY, 1903-to~1904 -- name soon change to trademark Model

    -- Model Incubator Company, Buffalo, NY, 1904-to~1909 -- sold to Robert Essex in 1909 (became Essex Incubator Co.)

    -- Buffalo Incubator Company, Buffalo, NY, 1910-to~1940

    My primary interest in the Elma Center NY Poultry & Research Farm started by Cyphers Incubator Company in 1905. Our Elma NY Historical Society has a keen interest in these firms. We'll soon have a small Poultry Display in our town's museum complex Farm Barn soon, and it'll include some Cyphers artifacts. We have a few artifacts, such as: Cyphers Model No. 1 Incubator (made of redwood, I guess); Cyphers Marking Tool (for the web system of marking poultry with 16 different codes); Watering Fountain; and various original paper documents.

    James Dryden was the manager of the Elma NY Farm. BTW, He's in the Agricultural hall Of Fame. So, I have to ask, is that even really significant? Did some museum somewhere just decide to create a Hall Of Fame, and then hype it as being the best that agricultural history has to offer? Or can anyone create their own Hall Of Fame? Can I hang out a shingle "Nerd Hall Of Fame?" Just wondering. But, I'm going into left field here (pun intended).

    As noted above, the Cyphers Incubator Company actually was in Philadelphia PA until about 1898 when it moved to Wayland NY. In 1901 it finally landed in Buffalo, NY. I have just about all the digital catalogs, digital poultry magazine ads, etc. for these firms, too, as I'm been searching on-line for documentation for several weeks now.

    My goal is to write a booklet on the Cyphers Poultry & Research Farm in Elma, NY. I'd like to have copies printed up so I can donate them to our museum folks for selling to visitors. I'm not looking to make any money on this booklet project. Honestly, I've spent so much money on documents and artifacts for our museum (yes, out of my own pocket) such that I'd have to sell a gazillion booklets to break even. So, this is just a project to help our museum, not to make money selling booklets.

    If anyone can offer up any help I'd appreciate it. Like I said, I have performed many hours of on-line research, so what I'd like are original paper documents, or artifact photos. Thank you in advance!

    Elma, NY USA

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    Yes, I've seen that digital catalog, thank you for sharing the link!

    I think I have just about everything available on-line as I've been working on this for several weeks. Plus, I've bought every paper document available, too, I think (e.g., off of AbeBooks.com, Amazon.com, BookFinder.com, eBay.com). That is, I think have every paper document up for sale, except for all those crummy POD (Print On Demand) books that are nothing more than brand-new paper copies of free-of-charge and readily-available digital public-domain documents.

    I'd love to see photos of artifacts from these companies, such as: incubators, brooders, hovers, watering cans, feed sacks, medicines, tools, and so on. So, if any of you prefer to use antique poultry-raising equipment, I'd love to see photos, that is, if the equipment is from the companies I've listed.

    Thank you in advance!

    Elma, NY USA
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