im sick! YUCK!

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  1. shadowpaints

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    Jun 20, 2009
    Rigby, Idaho
    I just recovered from pnemonia that i had a month ago.. was just starting to feel good and BAM im sick again! usually i dont get sick at all and this year BLECH. i hate this! who else is soooo tired of being sick?? i know i am. *cough* im stuffed up and i am coughing lots ... GAH!! i hate this! i know i already said that lol...... so much for getting any house work done today! i jus wanna sit cuddled in my bed with my dogs (all 5 of them) and some hot tea.... im not even hungry ! anyone wanna be sick with me??

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    No. But I'll be happy to send you some positive energy and get well wishes! [​IMG]
  3. My house is being called the "GERM HOUSE" right now! No one wants to come over or be around us! DD2 is still recovering from Pnemonia, DS is feeling better with his Brotitis but he has an appointment on Monday to confirm. I been sick with this and that for the last month and a half, one thing after another. Hubby is out of work for the last month cuz he now has Ulcer and something else is wrong that the doctors can't figure out. DD1 has been sick on and off with small stuff, nothing like everyone else.

    It's a pain in the rear end!
  4. shadowpaints

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    Jun 20, 2009
    Rigby, Idaho
    ugh i think i am worse today... while i feel a bit better .. but the cough is worse, coughing lots of crap up and my sides are sore from coughing so much. man this is nasty stuff! nyquil doesnt help... i have tried 3 different kinds of cough syrup.... nothing helps! GAH! im hoping that this will be gone by thanksgiving seeing as i have to cook for 14 people! lol ok im gonna go take a nap lol

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    Probiotics please! Try to get some kefir to help your husband with his ulcer...My goat milk kefir saved my gastric system!!!

    Re. pneumonia, I need you to strengthen those lungs and cough up the nasties....Believe it or not, loud singing, where you fill your lungs with air way down not just light breathing has the same effect of the nasty breathing machines!!!!

    No, I don't want to be sick with either of you, smile but saying a prayer for the both of you.

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