I'm so discouraged, eggs won't hatch


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Oct 10, 2008
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The eggs I've been putting in the incubator aren't doing well. This last time four hatched out of 14. I figured it was something I was doing wrong with the heat or humidity although both seemed just right. So I let my broody set on 7 eggs. Nothing. Today is day 22 and nothing. A lady I know who has been hatching forever has taken some of my eggs too, and can't get a single one of them to hatch. My rooster is one year old. My hens are from one to three years old.

The chicks are forming in the eggs but die before they hatch? So frustrating. I have plenty of eggs from my silkies and they won't hatch.
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Where did you get your stock from? Maybe some of the birds have hidden bad genetic genes
Sounds like you may have a fertility problem.

1 - How many hens do you have? There may be too many for one rooster to breed successfully.

2 - Some roosters have preferences for certain hens, and will not breed others.

3 - The rooster may have poor fertility

4 - What feed are you giving your hens? Sometimes inadequate nutrition plays a part in hatchability.

Check your eggs for "bullseyes" when you break them open ( there are several threads with good pictures of these).

Good luck!

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