I'm so excited!


12 Years
Nov 7, 2007
yo. ohio
My neighbor just came up to my DH and I and said hey, teach me about keeping chickens, I want to keep some!
then asked if we wanted to go in one a few pigs and a calf, he said he had the room and wants to learn to grow his own food! I'm so excited, I hope we go threw with it!
Now I have some reading up to do on how to house and pen a steer and 2 pigs!
I haven't raised pigs and steers since I was a child and don't remember much!
I'm so excited we haven't have farm animals around here much, and it is so exciting to see more people getting into it!
I hope it won't be too hard, sure could use the meat. My SIL is gonna throw a fit, she hates the animals, but that is why I moved back here and built my house here, I just wish I had more property!
My Dad would be so proud, I wish he was here to see this, he loved his little hobby farm, I just wish we were going to inherit his property, we just found out that my step mom might get it all and us kids won't get anything!
I miss him and his land, I miss walking his property and remembering my childhood!
I hate that things went bad between my Step mom and I, I can't even tell you why she is so mad at me.
I guess death bring out the bad side of some people.
At least I have this to look forward to!
Thanks for listening


12 Years
Nov 19, 2007
Get Carla Emery's book "Encyclopedia of Country Living". It is a great resource for your new pigs and calf and tells you every thing in detail from buying to feeding and penning to breeding in plain English.


11 Years
Jan 26, 2008
Thats so cool! Wish my neighbors were nice enough to do something like that.

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