I'm so in love with my little turkeys

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by cashela, Jun 11, 2009.

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    Mar 4, 2009
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    Ok so turkey owning is new to me. I got them in April when they were mostly feathered. So they are now outside and getting bigger. I really wanted a slate turkey and ended up with two white turkeys.

    Any how this morning I let them out of their outside cage for the first time to see what they would do. Their about the same body size as a guinea hen. Oh my gosh, I nearly peed my pants laughing. They wandered over to my horse corral and were happily making little turkey noises when one of them started strutting. I am now positive that I have a male and a female. [​IMG] So I knew my husband would be getting up soon and feared that he would let the dogs out. I have one that is a fence climber who has shown way to much interest in the turkeys while they are in their cage and I figured she would kill them if she go them. So I started walking back towards their cage and said, Here Chick Chick and oh my word, it was hysterical. They were trying to fly towards me and running with their little bodies going from side to side.

    They went right in their pen for their food. I LOVE them! I was going to let them free range during the day when I'm not home but I don't know if I can bring myself to do it now. I will be devestated if anything happens to them. Not to mention that I am petrified that they are going to grow to big since I assume they are meat birds.

    I have to "cull" my little chicken as it is not doing well at all. I cried. I haven't done it yet and I am most likely going to bring it to a vet because I just can't bring myself to kill it.
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    i'm so in love with mine as well! mine are are two weeks old (6 of them) and they are the funniest to watch - like little clowns. we put them in an elevated rabbit hutch so i could see them better and wouldn't look like the giant when i bent over to see them. so they come to the screen and peep at me whever they see me. i've put bricks and a roosting branch in their home and they are jumping and playing king of the mountain all the time. or they are asleep with their heads in the fed bowl. so cute -

    i don't know if i'd let them free range when you weren't home, especially if they aren't big enough to look intimidating. we have hens and let them free range but if we won't be home, we put them back in their run. we have roaming dogs, coyotes, hawks, etc. here in s.e.michigan and i wouldn't feel comfortable letting the babes out. on of us is always around outside, so they have lots of time roaming.

    have fun with them!!
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    Apr 28, 2009
    I only have chickens... but that sounds adorable!![​IMG]
  4. Welcome to the world of turkeys but be warned this is only the beginning. You start out with a few, then a few more, then a few more. We started out with a pair years ago and now have 6 different breeds and about 75 to 100 breeders. "Everybody loves a turkey"

    Steve in NC
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    I must admit, i agree with you on how funny they are. when t hey run over and try to fly following me around...well every one gets a kick out of it, and it is only me who they do that to. Our cattle dog is more interested in frisbee then the turkeys thankfully, but we are trying to teach him to herd the turkeys as he is getting old for frisbee. Our 3 are totally going to be meat birds, and my fiance is doing her best to not even pay attention to the turkeys so as not to get attached. I am pleasently surprised at just how fun this has been. Our post office is known for killing birds according to our local feed store, and our nearest hatchery only delivers Whit and Bronze BB and wild turkeys...but i really want a BR as a pet. will have to wait and see. enjoy!
  6. Somebody on here described them as "interested" and that is so true. Chickens could really care less if they can't eat it but turkeys will go and check things out, they do seem to play at times - ours will run around chasing each other. Amazing birds.

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    My poor single bourbon red is friends with my dewlap toulouse goose baby. They are like the odd couple. They're both about three weeks old and are hilarious to watch together.

    I LOVE that turkey! Tried to find smaller numbers of poults, but I understand why no one ships them.

    My friend's turkey (male), just sat on 20 pilgrim goose eggs for over three weeks...he chased the poor mother goose off of her nest. He is the proud "mother" of 8 baby geese. He was raised around Canada geese and I suppose he thinks he is one of them. Now, WHY he thinks he is a female, I'll never know. He certainly has some identity issues!

    I need about 20 more acres!!!
  8. dbone

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    now that confused goose turkey is funny!
    My neighbor has chickens...and they are not nearly as cool as my turkeys...I have never had a turkey egg though either...i am raising a turkey for her and i get free eggs...its a good deal, so far. I will tell you how fun they are when they grow out of this fun stage. in the pastures around our house, the calfs always seem to have so much fun...but they are boring when they are old. i always see the calfs running and say that is the most fun they are going to have in their entire lives. i think the same with my turkeys,given the breed of course.
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    I fell in love with my purebred turks but then I knew I would they're such cool birds so I bought some mixed breed turkeys for meat birds. Darn, if I didn't go and fall in love with those crazy birds too! Now, I'm thinking I'll fix up a pen to breed mixed breed birds for meat so I won't have to kill these little mixed birds either. Now what do you want to bet that when the mixed breed birds start breeding I STILL won't be able to make them into meat birds? Good thing I have a husband who's very practical and can rein me in once in awhile.
  10. Quote:There is only one thing to do Lor, and there is no use trying to fight it..... Just go get more fence now. 4 or 5 of the hundred foot rolls will keep you going for about a year. [​IMG]


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