Im so nervous!

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    Feb 1, 2019
    Day 7 into incubating Silkie eggs. Candled today and 2 out of 12 had blood rings so I removed. I thought it would be more clear to me if the others were doing ok but seems the air cells were too big, maybe some still detached?! I was nervous and wanted to get them back in right away. Eggs were shipped so I let settle for 48hrs. Ive been trying to keep humidiy low but its been hard cause its been raining. First timer over here, doing this with my 2 kids, any well wishes or advice would be much appreciated!
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    Absolute humidity isn't a set number. More importantly is weight loss. That can be determined by weighing or candling.
    Please relax.
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    If the air cells are too big, you might need a bit more humidity, not less. There are some great charts on air cell size if you're not sure, or you could take a picture and post it here and people will chime in.

    Best of luck!
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