I'm sooo eggcited!!!!!


11 Years
Jun 10, 2008
Winston County, Alabama
I have never incubated eggs before. Last summer my BIL gave (loaned--prob. won't give it back) me a bator. I bought a turner for it but haven't got to use it til now. Last week I bought 2 dozen mixed brown eggs from Fredster. I put them in the bator along with 5 of my RIR eggs. I have been wanting to candle but didn't have a candler. I had read the posts earlier on candling and went to Wal-Mart and bought a LED flashlight and a small mag-lite. Just got back bout 30 min. ago and candled my eggs. All but 2 (RIR) have veining in them. Some I even saw movement in. To top it all off a few days ago I found a Brower metal incubator at my MIL's that I was wanting to use for a hatcher since its round and doesn't have a turner. I don't know if I will be able to sleep tonight. I just want to sit and stare at the bator.

Edited to say I am on DAY 8.
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