I'm sore today!


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Sep 7, 2008
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Yesterday I pruned the 2 old apple trees in my yard. About 5 hours on a ladder or climbing into the trees. Got all scratched up, so today I am sore and covered in welts.

1 down 1 to go


All done


So glad it's done. I usually do it in January. Procrastinating this year, but spring is approaching fast. Plants are starting to bud out and bloom. Next door neighbor has already mowed twice.

Imp- my moss doesn't need mowing yet.
I won't go up that high no way...

Reminds of the time I had to prune back a realy realy old wild rose bush that had grown up to the tops of the trees.we had just moved here and it had proubly been growing for a long long time.
I left the wild grape vine alone its huge now growing all up in the tree right by the road.
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Pruning hurts my brain as much as my body. all of those decisions! dippers, divers, and dead wood, dippers, divers ,and dead wood...and then ..augh, I cut off the perfect branch because I was on a roll.
It looks good. Perhaps you can rest up before the second one.
I hang onto the branches tightly.

If I were to ever fall, I could probably drop to the ground safely. The moss is a couple miles deep.

HaHa! I used to be picky about the cuts, it would take me 2 days. Now I just hack hack hack at the water sprouts.

Imp- I know about that zone. Cable line looks like a branch after hours staring into the winter sky, x2.

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