I'm starting to feel panicky as the time gets closer to moving......

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    Hopefully we will close by Aug 11th... I'm hoping sooner. Appraisal is being done on Mon. I am starting to get that twisting in my stomach and the nervous gitters, that this is really going to happen....
    It has been really tuff being separated from my animals, not having them all in my back yard. It will be so nice to look out a back window and see them all again... and get to spend time with them whenever I want, instead of just when I go to feed up. This house is up for sale, and I'm hoping it will sell fast--- I know it's a lot to ask for in this market, but I still hope. I will finally have my property for my animals, will be able to dig a big pond and most importantly just be able to sit outside and watch them again...
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    Aug 25, 2008
    Best of luck that all goes well! [​IMG]

    I get jittery too, with something that big!
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    Best of luck, will be sending good vibes your way!! [​IMG] [​IMG]

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