I'm starting to think we have a lot of roos... (Lots of pics)

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by catchthewind, Mar 30, 2011.

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    Jan 27, 2011
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    I am brand new to chickens as of a month ago, so certainly no expert, but I've been spending time on these forums (more than I'd care to admit) every day since we got our first chicks and I'm learning new things every day. That being said, I'm starting to feel like a lot more of our chicks than we thought are roos (considering we got most of them as older chicks). My husband thinks I might just be crazy/paranoid, since I'm really new, so I thought I'd post the pics here and see what you all thought. [​IMG] I have been reading through other threads here and it seems that a good head shot and a good full body shot are helpful for determining gender, but I couldn't get good body shots of them all. Some just won't stand still if I were to put them down. Please excuse the mess. I've given up on keeping the room even remotely clean until the chicks are all out of the house. The vacuum thanks me. [​IMG]

    1. ~10 week old Lavender Orpington (There has been debate in a previous thread about these guys' age, but I'm sure it's accurate. The breeder warned me that her Lavender Orpingtons are extremely slow to mature and feather out. Regardless, it doesn't really matter to me anyway.)


    2. ~10 week old Lavender Orpington


    3. 6 week old EE (Roo? The pictures don't show it well, but he definitely has wattles. He's suddenly gotten a bit nasty the last couple of days too.)


    4. 3-4 week old Austrolorp (Roo? He's suddenly developed red under his beak.)

    5. 6 week old Dorking cross

    6. 3-4 week old Splash-Laced Wyandotte (Roo? Almost positive, he has developed wattles in the last couple of days. If it's true, I hope he stays as sweet and quiet as he is now. He is by far my daughter's favourite.)


    7. 6 week old EE

    8. 6 week old Light Brahma (this one is guaranteed to be a hen or he'll replace her, but I figured I'd add her just in case)

    Thanks! [​IMG]
  2. pdsavage

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    Mar 27, 2008
    some like 2,5 and 7 look like pullets.Some its just still to early to tell as they are still very young.
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    1 - being an orphington and 10 weeks old, its hard to say, but I will lean toward Roo. Orp girls get good sized combs, but this one is getting pretty pinkish and has a more substantial comb than #2

    #2 - pullet

    #3 dunno hard to tell, its an EE but has a single comb, since no idea what single comb breed is mixed in there, it could be something thats combs come in early (like leghorns or d'uccles in bantams develop fast)

    #4 - Roo, its 3-4 weeks so with the comb and wattles coming in, i'm saying boy

    #5 - pullet - screams pullet

    #6 - hard to tell...I will put my vote in for pullet though

    #7 - having owned brahmas I will tell you there is no telling what that one is yet. give it another 3 weeks for any reddening in the comb area or distinctive wattle development, pointy neck or hip feathering.
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    Your not far off.Orps can be more tricky I say #2 is a pullet of the Orps..
    3-4 wattles isn't good but since they are straight comb and not overly EE in looks knowing what the cross is would help there..may be a larger wattled breed in there
    5-I don't have Dorkings
    6-Roo pullets don't wattle up like that so young we have pens full of these and the wing feathers and across the shoulders look like they are coloring like a roo(or a badly laced pullet sometimes)
    7-not a good comb picture but what I can see looks more pullet
    8-another I don't have so...

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