I'm still alive...Just had a Suck Splort with a Silly Straw Kinda Year

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    I was at work and ripped something in my shoulder and arm on March 10th. I finished my shift and came home to the house having been broken into. The back door and the porch door were wide open. Now I don’t know if Obelisk scared em off or me coming home early did, but nothing was taken. Poor bird and me were nervous wrecks. I called the cops, but since nothing was taken I didn’t have em come out. I immediately did some smudging and the culprits moved onto another place.

    That was ONLY the beginning. I started having heart palpitations again. The last time was in 03, just after I had brought Jerry to New Hampshire. I thought that would be the end of it, but I guess not. I’d been having them since February, but ignored them. Yeah, I know…stupid. Earth Day comes and the palpitations are just staying around. Obelisk was on the door doing her rusty hinge impression. She KNEW better than me that something wasn’t right. Silly person when the chicken is smarter than you. I was hoping it was just having Russell Crowe and Evan Lysacek on the Ellen show on the same day, but no such luck. Then I started getting chills and dizzy and nauseous. Even MORE not good. Since it’s April vacation week, Mike’s (DS) off of school. So I have him call an ambulance for me and I meet them at the front door. I have Mike call Ernie (DH) at work and tell him where I’m gonna be.

    Being a cardiac patient and coming by ambulance got me right to the head of the line. I have IV’s and EKG leads everywhere. They’re shooting me with stuff that’s supposed to slow my heart rate down and it’s not working. I even have defibrillator pads slapped on in case they have to use those. There’s doctors running hither and yon and finally I get packed up again to head on into Brigham and Williams. Hours upon hours of waiting and EKG’s commence. Things start settling down and I go to a cardiac floor in the Shapiro Building. Nice place actually with good eats and flat screen TV’s. I highly recommend it. Friday and Saturday do okay. Heart’s settling down…Sunday is another story. It went from 178-3 beats in the space of a few seconds…oops. And I was just sitting in the bed!

    Monday they’ve decided on another ablation, just like in ‘03. Wonderful…Come through it will flying colours. Yays. The only caution is if the palpitations start again and they might, that they were too close to the nerves that keep the heart beating that the next time I’d need a pacemaker.

    Another lovely episode averted. Moving right along. My shoulder is next. I had PT and cortisone shots and they didn’t work. So now I have to have THAT done. In the meantime, I have my goodies in the Marshfield Fair again. I doubled last year’s haul: I sold TWO items. AND in September I vended at Pagan Pride Day. I shared a tent with my Etsy team mate, Tisha. We had fun. I sold only one item, though. Ernie says that I should just hang it up and close my shops...um no?

    October, I have my shoulder done. I have bone spurs that need to be sanded down and they’re gonna check to see if my rotator cuff is torn. Well…I do have bone spurs and those are taken care off, but my labrum needs to be put back where it belongs. Yes it IS as painful as it sounds. I come home bandaged up like a mummy with this really awesome electric ice chest and very wonderful prescription drugs…believe me, I don’t remember most of the first couple of weeks home. Ernie gets to pull out a catheter that is pumping pain meds right into the joint…danged thing’s like a mile long!!! At least it’s all done arthroscopic ally these days or I’d be really even more looking like the bride of Frankenstein.

    Things are going swimmingly with that and I’m getting ready to start PT for that…Guess what? NOPE!!

    The night before I was to start, I wasn’t feeling well and went to bed early…it was like there was a volcano in my head…The next morning I’m feeling alright. Mike’s at school, Ernie’s at work. It’s me, Obelisk, the Frog and the Fishes. I called the PT place to tell them I don’t feel well and to cancel. I go to stand up and the next thing I know, I’m on the floor, flopping around like a landed fish…Next bit of fun is calling Ernie telling him to get home…PDQ. No I didn't call a bus, cuz I was freaked out myself, couldn't remember the # anyways and have Ernie on speed dial.

    Back to South Shore, back to Brighams. Ernie brings Mike to Brigham's and they’re told to wait in the Shapiro Building again. They’re halfway there and they’re told to get right down to the basement, cuz I’m going in for surgery…for what you might ask…well, I’m getting a pacemaker and not only THAT, it’s an ICD, an implantable cardiac defibrillator…because my heart beat’s so outta whack that it’s been stopping beating for 3+ seconds every few beats…which is basically cardiac arrest aka deadles/pushing up daisies/wormfood...

    So now with my heart doing okay, I can start doing PT, but I have to wait for 3 months until I can drive again.

    And wishing the 2011 will be much better.
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    Sep 14, 2008
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    Gooodness that sounds like a hard time. I hope things look up for you. I hope you feel better also. [​IMG]
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    Oct 19, 2010
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    You win the 2010 Understated Euphemism Award.
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    I'm glad you are back. [​IMG]
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    Jan 11, 2007
    Oh Brenda, you have had such a road. Please do as the doctors order. You know they do know what they are doing. lol It is great to hear from you. Keep us posted.
    I was also glad to hear that you still have Obelisk. My goodness how old is she getting to be now?
  6. SpottedCrow

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    Obelisk will be 8 this coming Memorial Day...
    She's still spoiled.
    Still Queen of Everything.
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    Glad you were doing ok now.....what a year!!!!!!! Now lets see if the year 2011 would go off on a bang!
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    So glad to see you posting again! A lot of us had an "interesting" 2010. Now you're all fixed up! 2011 is sure to look up....[​IMG] Happy Yule, Soltice and all that! Good luck with everything. [​IMG]
  9. CoyoteMagic

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    DANG!!! Girl when you do it, you really do it!!! So glad you are goind much better and are back with us, er, still with us!
  10. SpottedCrow

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    Long as it ain't my pacemaker blowin up, Ewe. [​IMG]

    Hi Luna
    Hi Coyote

    I've missed all of my BYC buddies.
    Hugs to all!

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