I'm such a n00b... but I need help with an aquarium incubator..


10 Years
Mar 12, 2009
Hi! First of all, this is my first post and my first time on this board. I came here because a lot of posts from here came up when I googled questions about hatching chickens.

Unfortunately, I am now thoroughly confused from having read different info from all the sites that came up when I googled this, so I hope someone can let me know if I'm on the right track.

I am trying to make an incubator out of an aquarium. I have a reptile light with a 75 w halogen bulb on top of a cover. The temp inside has only made it to 92* and its been on for ten hours now... should I get a hotter bulb, or does it take longer than this? Also, the humidity seems to be around 50%.. which I read was acceptable, right?

Where should the water be in the tank?

Where should the eggs be in relation to the water?

Thanks in advance, I'm just so confused!!!
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