I'm thinking Cockerels....


10 Years
Jun 23, 2013
The Big Island/Hawaii
The Lavender Orpington was a single hatch, the Silkie was gotten to keep it company along with BYC readers advise to use a feather duster, mirror & stuffed animal...Worked great. But now I'm thinking both are Cockerels, they're 6 wks...what say you?

Agree the Orpington is a roo with that much development at six weeks, if you need an idea on the silkie, you could try posting on the big silkie thread if you want some guesses early.
Thank you all, we're all in agreement the Orpington's a Cockerel. I spoke to the breeder, she says she'll take him back but now to figure out what to do with the Silkie. They both "need" each other so told the breeder I'd hang on the the Orpington for a bit longer, breeder thinks Silkie a Cockerel too but I'm hoping as Tiny's sweet.
Hmm I would be inclined to get two more chicks of the same age now, integrate them together so they have time to make friends, then remove the Orpington. That way you are not leaving the silkie on it's own or introducing one chick on it's own to another, AND you have more chance of getting a female if you have 3 unsexed chicks.

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