im tired,,sick,and wet ahhh


Cooped Up
12 Years
May 26, 2007
north florida
Well I just spent the last 2 hrs shampooing the carpet in our truck. ahhh well a few months ago we had to emergiany with our goat bloating so we had to rush him to the vet, while he was in the backseat"seat lifts up" crapping and peeing everywere, ahh, Well we trying to clean it but not very good job.
Well and last night a feral cat got in our truck and spraighed and we dint know it intill that morning a cat jumps out.
so we went to town not knowing what he had left us intill about noon when the truck heated up, ahhhh cat piss stinks

So I got this vacum cleaner"carpet cleaner kind" and shapooed the truck intier , then shop vac'd all the water out, So not we have to wait till tommarow to see if my cleaning worked.
Oh and its the goat in my avatar that left smelly presents in our truck from his emergency bloat trip, Hes doing finer than ever today.
about the only thing that will REALLY get cat spray out, is one of the enzyme cleaners ...

many other cleaners SAY they will get it out, but .... shall we say their claims are a trifle inflated ??

once one cat does the dirty, most every OTHER cat will try to "cover it up" with his/her own ... (sigh)
Girl, lol,,,,, we have a cat that had cocssidia and he got locked in my bro's bed room with him and coulnt get to the litter box andwent potty almost on his friends head, talk about stink omg this cat crap smelled like something was rotten in it, also this cat will not cover up his poops in the litter box but insteads ,scraches the walls
.But hes a pretty good cat we resued him from a horder because he had a broke leg, but since he lived in a cage, I think thats why he dont cover his poo.

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