I'm trying Tegaderm on a cracked egg I'm incubating.

Interesting! You may have good results if bacteria has not gotten in yet
I just checked on the batch of 8 eggs (this one included) I set on the 31st and one of them just pipped in the past hour so I should know within the next 24 hours. This guy has developed fine and is right on schedule to hatch so I have my fingers crossed.

Also, a couple says ago I was setting eggs and had one empty slot with no egg to put in it. I remembered setting a badly cracked one on the counter the day before to cook with which got me to wondering. I grabbed the egg and candled it while I traced out the cracking (long and fractured in a few directions), I applied Tegaderm over it and trimmed all the excess. I am really curious as to just how far beyond gone you can bring an egg back from so I will keep you posted and add pictures when I have more of the details.
Well, this little fellow just hatched without any issue. I will update with pictures when I get around to it.

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