I'm trying to gather support for my chicken related change.org petition

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    I wasn't sure which category to post this under, so I put it here. I hope that's ok. Moderators/admins, if it belongs in a different thread, please feel free to move it. :)

    What's my petition about? It's here: https://www.change.org/p/stop-the-mutilation-of-roosters-at-poultry-shows

    Basically I'm petitioning the American Poultry Association and the National Chicken Council to revise the Standards so that dubbing of roosters is no longer a requirement for poultry shows or a requirement of the standards.

    I can hear some people now, "but I have to dub my roo because frostbite". Ok, that's fine. If there's a legitimate medical reason, do it. I live in Phoenix. There's a negative percent change of frostbite in my roos. The coldest it gets during winter is 35 degrees or so. It's much more important that my roo keeps his comb and wattles during our 120 degree summer to keep cool. I refuse to maim him and put him at risk simply to conform to an outdated practice that originated with cock fighting (which is now illegal everywhere in the US).

    The APA won't allow birds with clipped wings, which is humane and doesn't hurt, but it requires us to inflict injury on the roos in order to show them. That doesn't make sense. It's time we start taking this practice on a case-by-case basis.
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