I'm very impressed at how long the girls can "hold on" for!

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    May 16, 2011
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    I usually get three eggs of a morning, by around 10am. Today I let them out to range at around 9am and there wa sonly one egg in the nest. I had to close off their access to the run while they ranged because otherwise my kids will go in there and eat the food / drink the water / play in the poop etc. So anyway.... after we'd all been out there about an hour, I took the kids back inside and left the chooks out. A few hours later I remembered they were still out, so I let them back into the run and two of them promptly went into the nest boxes and laid eggs!

    There are loads of places suitable for nesting in around my yard, including a zillion little "holes" they've dug into the undergrowth, under bushes etc, so I was really pleased that instead of finding another nest and making me go on an egg hunt, they just held on instead.

    I had always assumed egg laying was a bit like pooping.... when you gotta go, you gotta go! Guess I was wrong. [​IMG]
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    Lucky you! I don't trust my girls not to hide eggs if I let them out early...they don't come out until about 2:30.

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